After I got situated and had a light snack, I decided I was going to “just get it over with” and marched right out to the temple to see the theft of the large Sekhmet statue for myself. It made me really sad even braced to expect it and I meandered the grounds for a while just being freaked out.

So far there’s been a strong outpouring of sympathy, empathy and support, but no credible forensic leads. There’s been a lot of wind lately and with everything on the land blown over and strewn about, it feels like a slightly pissy goddess is cranky.



Dear FB Friends, This temple was desecrated last night. Please add your prayers and magic for the safe return of the statue of Sekhmet stolen from the Temple last night (Friday 4/18). Please share far and wide.

Sekhmet stolen!
Candace 702-569-0630”

As of Monday there are still no firm leads, and the reward has gone up from $500 to $2000.

After losing my Winter Soldier figure (comic series 1) the weekend of ECCC, I’ve been looking for a replacement. I’ve seen unreasonablely-priced replacements.

Good thing I had both eyes open as I was taking a short cut down the toy aisle to sporting goods in the Fred Meyer. This WS/Bucky (Precision Strike) is a lot strappier than the last one.

Is it effed up that I want to build a mini bank vault/reprogramming station for him?